Black Thorn Farm and Kitchen

Located in Big Sandy Mush, NC, Black Thorn Farm and Kitchen is a diversified homestead.  We shepherd a flock of sheep for lamb, wool and hides and also grow fruits, vegetables and grain for our Personal Chef services. 

Black Thorn Farm is a grass-based farm outside of Asheville, NC in the beautiful mountains of Big Sandy Mush.  We raise a vigorous flock of sheep and grow a diversity of vegetables and grains.  Like an 18th century homestead, we orchestrate a natural balance between food production and the integrity of our land.  Our animals are part of an interlocking fabric of vegetables, fruit, grain, and forest.  

We offer the highest quality grass fed lamb, wool, and sheepskins, as well as delicious prepared foods from our farm kitchen.  We want to deepen the meaning of 'local' from just what you can buy at the farmer's market to what is truly regional cuisine.  We strive to build an authentic food culture based on the ingredients that can uniquely be grown here in Southern Appalachia.  The mountains are for lamb and persimmon as the coast is for shrimp and grits.  

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In the meantime, you can email us with your questions or interest in our lamb, wool, cooking classes and catering...